Who Should Be The Voice of Wine Wars?

I’ve just learned that Audible.com is going to produce an audio book version of Wine Wars. They are interested in my opinion about who should read the book — what kind of voice would be best for Wine Wars?

I’m not sure, so I thought I would ask you, my readers. Should the voice be young or old? Male or female?  Should the reader have an accent of some sort — British, French, Spanish, Italian?  Is there a particular person’s voice that you’d like to hear?

Please use the comments section below to let me know what you think.  I don’t know if Audible.com will take your advice,  but if they respond to a particular comment I will send that person an autographed book (your choice of Wine Wars, Extreme Wine when it is published or Globaloney 2.0).

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  1. Mike, I know that they use professional people, actors etc. but, I would be interested to hear it in the Author’s own voice.

  2. The voice of Wine Wars should be male, american, and monotoned. Economics is an abstract and detached field. It is a confabulation, and an algorithm. If I wanted passion, I would turn to Olivier Magny, Terry Theise, or Kermit Lynch. I am more interested in a model of disruption than of cloning. That said, I still enjoy reading Mike Veseth’s blog and books.

    • Sorry Mike, but I was distracted when I wrote this. What I was leading up to, is that there should be two voices: one representing the economic monotone of the monopolist, and the other representing the passion of the terroirist (a Frenchman like Olivier Magny, may be good choice for this voice).

  3. I am almost done reading Wine Wars. I would first want to hear the book read by the Author, for its authenticity. Second, there is an enthusiastic Mendocino wine blogger who has a great voice for this. http://johnonwine.com/ Another wine guy with radio experience might be Mr. Kaz from Kaz Winery. Either way I think I would enjoy listening to either one of these guys read the Wine Wars. In summary: Male-Wine Industry Related-American-Mature

  4. Hi Mike,

    wonderful news.

    I would like a mans´s voice, with a neutral accent towards brit,
    But you should also try your own voice !
    whoever.. must be clear, and engaging

  5. Mike, how is your voice! To me a voice has to be strong, flexible (capable of carrying the inflection) for the purpose of conveying the information along with carrying continuous interest. This is what I see.

    • Thanks for your comment, John. I have years and years of lecturing experience (and only a few students fell asleep), but doing audio books seems like a specialized skill.

  6. Mike, how is your voice! To me a voice has to be strong, flexible (capable of carrying the inflection necessary) for the purpose of conveying the information along with carrying continuous interest.

  7. Extreme Wine would be the better choice. My degree and the studies in business were motivated and based on following the impending crash (housing bubble) from Baltimore, MD at its start. Taking my degree online, I I traveled to Las Vegas, NV for what I called the “End of the World Party” where I predicted to the day the crash based on many data sources. I had been monitoring several aspects of the “Globalization” process for eighteen years to determine what the methodology and motivation was at the core for this “race to the bottom” economic form of WF.

  8. James May. Best known internationally for the BBC’s “Top Gear”, but did actually do a couple of series on wine with Oz Clarke (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_may#Oz_and_James), and clearly fell for it. The first person ever to get across to my non-drinking & very judgemental mother than wine might actually be interesting.

    He’s also done a number of other series where he has to communicate moderately sophisticated stuff, but does it in a really pleasing way which is easy on the ear.

  9. Mike, that is fantastic news, your book was an important and enjoyable part of my recently passed WSET diploma reading- I even referenced it in some of my exams. Being able to revisit your book whilst travelling or doing other things will be great and make it accessible to more wine enthusiasts. My first choice of reader would be you yourself since you would be able to convey the sense you intended in your words to inspire and engage listeners as your writing style does. Sadly, I see above that you are not putting yourself forward; I’m sure your students would disagree. I’d love to undertake it myself.
    In the meantime, are there other good wine audio books available to whet our appetites?

    • Boggling at the idea that Donald Sutherland might be unfamiliar to anyone. Other than that, he does have a deliciously mellifluous voice. The rest of him’s spent the last 40 years not being bad, either …rather like the idea of Hawkeye Pierce doing this …

  10. One faces the choice of expensive, recognizable voices and reasonably priced less expensive, less well known ones. Meryl Streep, Anthony Hopkins and Alan Rickman can make anything interesting but cost the gross national product of a small country. Ciaran Hinds, Caesar in HBO’s Rome, would cost less but still far more than the people who voice books as a career. Although we’d travel anywhere to see Ciaran Hinds perform, the reality of project costs suggests someone less well known who can project enthusiasm for the subject over many pages read aloud. And that’s not easy, no matter what the subject. Try it yourself, then listen to the professionals, male and female. Good luck
    Ken Bernsohn

  11. Unfortunately my voice is high and –according to those who know me, i was vaccinated with a phonograph needle, so I go on, and on and on,. My ability to cause narcolepsy by talking has been noted by the local medical association

  12. Mike, given the rise of women in today’s wine industry and their arguably superior palates, I like to hear a female read Wine Wars. This could help increase sales as well as provide a refreshing break from the “good old boys club.”

    Her voice should have a vibrant personality and this may sound redundant when referring to women, but also an “attitude” to compliment your great content. Someone like West Seattle resident and former radio show host, Mary White would be perfect.

    I’d stay away from accents and deep hypnotic male voices like some of Audible’s narrators.

    Scott Ahlsmith

  13. Mike,
    might I suggest to have Jeremy Irons read it? His love of wine in the 1981 Brideshead Revisited tv series is a true joy. Another good candidate would be Paul “pinot noir”Giamatti.
    Looking forward to the release of Extreme Wine!
    Peter Keller

  14. I also think you, the author, should narrate the audio book because you can accentuate with your voice certain points of poignant focus/facts where it is needed. Btw, I sat next to Martin Sheen on a plane while he was reading an autobiography that he was going to narrate. We discussed the book and talked on the subject and I realized that I knew more on that subject. upon disappointment, I came to the conclusion that Hollywood actors usually know nothing on the subject they are reading, they do not delve deep into research. They are just that….Prof. hired hands to read a script.

  15. Mike,
    I’m both a big wine fine and big Audible fan. My preferred reader is Scott Brick. He’s a real pro and will do any book justice.
    I recently listened to the Audible production of Jay McInerney read his book The Juice: Vinous Veritas. Reading and writing are different skills.
    Get a pro.

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