Money, Taste, and Wine Reviews

Here are links to on-line reviews of and excerpts from Money, Taste, and Wine: It’s Complicated. If you find reviews not listed here (or you have written a review you would like to see added to this list), please use the Comments section at the bottom of the page to give details. Thanks!

  • A warm review by Jerry Lockspeiser on (August 8, 2015).  “Mike Veseth appears to be on a mission . . . in discussing aspects of the wine world in a language ordinary mortals can understand. . . . He is so adept at making complex issues fun and accessible. This book should appeal to wine consumers and professionals intrigued to understand more about the issues behind the product itself.”
  • Brief review in the Seattle Times (October 7, 2015).
  • “How Champagne Changed the Global Economy,” an excerpt from Money, Taste, and Wine reprinted in (August 4, 2015)
  • “… Veseth’s book is an enjoyable read. Take it to the beach with a bladder of wine.” “Veseth, Money, Taste, and Wine: It’s Complicated” by Brenda Jubin. (August 2, 2015).

Pre-publication reviews:

Money, Taste, and Wine is a great read; entertaining, informative and heartfelt. Like Wine Wars it is packed with economic and historic insights into the world of wine. At times I found myself laughing out loud and also reaching for my notebook to jot down facts and add (wine and non-wine) books to my reading list.

— Caro Feely, Terroir Feely Wines & French Wine Adventures

Written in Mike Veseth’s ineffable style, Money, Taste, and Wine goes down as easily as the finest pinot, will make you laugh, and fatten your wallet. If you’ve ever suspected that wine’s pricing is rigged, fumed at stratospheric restaurant tariffs, or want to be amazed at how the revolution in global trade has affected your favorite drink, then look no further than this book. A must for any consumer of the fruit of the vine.

William Bernstein, Author of Birth of Plenty, A Splendid Exchange, and Masters of the World

With his usual wit, wisdom, and whimsy, the ebullient Mike Veseth (aka the Wine Economist) unravels the complexities of what he calls the ‘unhealthy love triangle of money, taste, and wine.’ For anyone with taste who is remotely interested in discovering hidden, undervalued vinous treasures and willing to learn a little about themselves along the way, this insightful book is a must read. Having fought the good fight in Wine Wars and tickled the imagination in Extreme Wine, Mike’s insights into the vexed relationship between Money, Taste, and Wine could be subtitled ‘choose your wine and those you share it with carefully.’
Michael Hince, HinceOnWine, Australia

I laughed out loud several times reading Mike Veseth’s new book, Money, Taste, and Wine. He has such a humorous and down to earth style when writing about wine, and this new book that involves romps through the supermarket aisles, restaurants and discount stores to find a good deal on wine is hilarious at times. It also has its serious points, and provides useful information for wine lovers in analyzing their own palates and expectations. A definite read for all wine enthusiasts, wine students and wine newbies.

— Dr. Liz Thach, Master of Wine, Professor of Wine Business & Management, Sonoma State University

Mike has the unique ability to look at wine differently and discover facts beyond the mythology. In this fascinating book, he gives the poor consumer overwhelmed by choice and myth an eye-opening look at wine.
Paul Cluver, Paul Cluver Wines, South Africa

In Money, Taste, and Wine, preeminent wine economist Mike Veseth teaches us how to be a rational, informed wine consumer by better understanding available wine choices, personal tastes and preferences, and common wine buying mistakes. Along the way, he provides fascinating insights into the workings of the wine industry in a fun and interesting way with his engaging and provocative writing style. A must read for anyone who drinks wine or has an interest in the wine market.
James Thornton, Eastern Michigan University, author of American Wine Economics

A remarkable blend of research, history, and examples straight from the heart of a genuine explorer makes this book a must read. Mike skillfully walks his readers through the multifaceted relationship of money, taste, and wine and leads them to a smart, optimistic, and enjoyable conclusion. A perfect fit for those who thirst for more.
Evy Gozali, CEO of Sababay Winery, Bali, Indonesia

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