Extreme Wine Errata

This page collects errors that we have found in the first printing of Extreme Wine. Please use the Comments section below to let us know about errors that have made it into the book despite our best efforts. Thanks for your help!

Page 68: It was Château Latour (not Lafite) that announced in 2012 that it was withdrawing from the en primeur market.

5 responses

  1. I found a small typo in the “X-Wine and the X Games” section for your next edition:

    “X Games athletes get prize money in additional to the medals”

    It should be “in addition to the medals”.

  2. On p 156: “…among . . . John Locke’s collected works you will find Leviathan (of course) . . . ” Of course not. Thomas Hobbes. Locke is normally seen as opposed to Hobbes.

    Side note. I occasionally find ruche and Lacrima di Morro D’ Alba and (once) pignoletto in Seattle.To be sure, this is because I hunt for the obscure grapes–interesting and normally much less expensive than the known grapes, particularly for the quality. (pp 57 & 58)

  3. Hi Mike,

    I was driving cross country and listening to Extreme Wine on audible. I did notice that the audible book talks about the Australian antifreeze scandal of 1985. The book itself correctly has this as the Austrian antifreeze scandal but the audible book says Australia over and over again. I would imagine the Australians would be a little put out by this. Cheers.

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