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I’m very flattered that David Boyer, who writes the influential Classification of 1855 blog, has included The Wine Economist on his shortlist of useful wine blogs. David lays out specific criteria for his list:

The blog should:

–       be informative, accurate, and readable while conveying actual wine knowledge, or have a specific viewpoint of the wine world

–       appeal to a wide audience, starting from those just learning to those that would be considered wine experts

–       post on a regular basis; you wouldn’t believe the number of blogs that looked promising but have posted only once since, like, January

And the blog should not:

–       be entirely inundated with advertising

–       load its homepage unusually slow

–       be limited to specific wine varieties or price points (if you want to find a blog that specializes in so-called “value wine” like under $10 or $15, they’re out there. Good luck with finding much drinkable wine though – let me know how that works out for you).

–       contain much, if any, information about food, beer, or distilled spirits. Interestingly I love some of that stuff and even need some of it (like food), but I did not want to send you to a blog that becomes blurry, unfocused, and outside the reason you come to this site: wine.

–       be a professional publication such as a newspaper column or commercial periodical or operated by a single winery

Here’s what he says about The Wine Economist:

Wine Economist – making sense of nonsense in the wine world. Professor Michael Veseth (Ph.D.) teaches International Political Economics at the University of Puget Sound in the State of Washington. He is author and co-author of more than a dozen books about economics but what’s cool is that he is able to articulately bridge the economics discipline with his love and knowledge of wine. I find his subjects very provocative, sometimes controversial, and always well written and researched, which tend to evoke a response from his readers (like me). I respond to his posts as often as time allows.

Making sense of nonsense! I  kinda like that. Thanks, David, for your support!

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  1. Mike, I so appreciate your kind response to the link. The wine world desperately needs you so please keep doing what you do so well.

    Best Regards,

    David Boyer

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