Best of the Blogs?

The Connoisseur’s Guide to California Wines has named The Wine Economist “Best of the Blogs” for this week. Thanks to publisher Charles Olken for this unexpected recognition.  Mr. Olken writes that

[The] website proclaims itself to be what you get when you cross the Wine Spectator with The Economist, and while it is perhaps a little easier to grasp than The Economist, it is clearly a lot deeper than any kind of analysis you are likely to read in the Spectator. In short, his blog, The Wine Economist is a smart and easy read, and it is just what a thoughtful wine blog ought to be. It explains, it challenges, it expands our understandings of the wine world. … Clearly, this is a thinking person’s wine blog with much that will draw you in. And it is this week’s Best of the Blogs.

I especially appreciate this because Mr. Olken is not just a respected wine critic, he is a self-confessed recovering practitioner of the dismal science and, as he says, “the economist in me never seems to let go.” Economics never let’s go of me, either. And that’s a good thing!

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  1. Prof. Veseth–

    It is rare for an economist to actually write with clarity and accessibility. I know. I had to leave the field to find my voice. Your blog should be, as Steve Heimoff commented at this morning, a must-read for all who want to understand the wine world in which we serve.

    Charlie Olken

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