Global Wine Markets, 1961 to 2009: A Statistical Compendium

There really nothing that The Wine Economist loves more than data about global wine markets. Solid information about price, quantity and production, consumption and trade flows is critical to an understanding of how the world of wine is changing.

But consistent detailed world market data are difficult to find and sometimes expensive to access.

One of my favorite data sources over the years has been the Global Wine Markets Statistical Compendium series published by the Wine Economics Research Centre at the University of Adelaide. Only two problems: it hasn’t been updated for a while … and the last time I bought a copy it wasn’t exactly free.

So I want to pass on this great news: a new volume co-authored by Kym Anderson and Signe Nilgen has just been released in two forms: a relatively inexpensive paperback (AUD35) and a free downloadable pdf.

The price is right and the data is well organized and incredibly interesting. An essential resource!  Click here to download the pdf. Thanks to the Wine Economics Research Centre for making this resource available.

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