Wine Economist Milestones

Most Lucky Fellow

“Everybody should be so lucky as Mike Veseth — his lifelong intellectual passion is also his job, ” according to a recently published interview with Seattle Times book editor Mary Ann Gwinn that was highlighted by this front page “teaser” (see above). ” Lit Life” is a reference to Mary Ann’s regular book column — not to my wine consumption as some mischievous friends have suggested.

I can’t really argue with the “lucky” tag. I especially appreciate all of you who have read Wine Wars and follow the Wine Economist — I’m lucky that you’ve decided to come along for the ride!

Milestones Along the Way

The Wine Economist passed a couple of milestones when I wasn’t looking.

  • Number of posts: now more than 300 or roughly the equivalent of three 80,000-word books.
  • Number of visits: now more than a half million in total according to the click counters at WordPress, the company that hosts my blog.
  • Number of subscribers/followers: now more than 900 followers of the blog plus almost 350 more on The Wine Economist’s Facebook page.

New Books in the Pipeline

Finally, I want to mention two new projects. I’m putting the finishing touches on some additional material that will appear in the forthcoming paperback version of Wine Wars, which is set for November 2012 release.

And I’ve started work on the sequel to Wine Wars, which is called Extreme Wines. I’ll provide more information about this soon.

Now back to work!

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  1. congratulations Mike…
    saw the interview re-posted on the Wine Business blog.

    I finished Wine Wars a little while ago on a flight to Anchorage, very enjoyable. Looking forward to the sequel.


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