Extreme Wine Update and Wine Economist Milestones: Make My Day!

Extreme Wine Update

I only have time for a quick update this week — my next book Extreme Wine has gone into production, so I’m busy with the copy-edited manuscript and reviewing potential cover designs.  Those of you who simply can’t wait for this sequel to Wine Wars can already pre-order Extreme Wine  on Amazon.com — and be very sure to receive it on or before the October 16, 2013 official publication date!

Wine Economist Milestones

Meanwhile The Wine Economist blog has passed a few milestones, publishing its 350th post last week. That adds up to over 300,000 words or more than three book-length publications (a metric that makes sense because I sometimes use this blog to work out ideas for my books).

WordPress.com, the company that hosts this blog, reports that The Wine Economist has had more than 650,000 visits since the first post in May 2007. More than 1600 readers either subscribe to the blog or follow via the Facebook page.  Readership is up again this year, with an average of more than 20,000 visits per month so far in 2013.

Who Knew?

Who knew that so many people would find something to like in a blog about the economics of wine? Now if everyone would just pre-order a copy of Extreme Wine — that would really make my day!

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    • Apparently Amazon guarantees that you will get the lower price if they choose to discount the book between the time your order and when it is released. Haven’t seen that in the en primeur market!

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