Ch-Ch-Ch Changes at The Wine Economist

Things are ch-ch-changing a little bit here at The Wine Economist: stepping down, moving up and shifting gears.

I’m stepping down from my “day job” as the Robert G Albertson Professor of International Political Economy at the University of Puget Sound and moving up to the title of Professor Emeritus . This will give me a bit more time to think, talk and write about the business of wine — shifting The Wine Economist project (this blog, my books and speaking engagements)  into a higher gear.

I’m not really retiring or even slowing down, just ch-ch-ch- … you know what I mean!

I’m going to miss my students of course — especially the wonderful young people in my popular course on The Idea of Wine. That show will go on without me, however, because my colleague and fellow wine economist Professor Pierre Ly is taking over and adding his own twist. Pierre and his partner Professor Cynthia Howson have started up a research project about industrial upgrading in the Chinese wine industry — look for “guest post” reports here later in the  year.

I couldn’t give up working with students entirely, of course, so I have agreed to continue as the faculty advisor to the university’s Matelich Scholarship for dynamic young leaders. And of course I have my treasured network of former students, many of whom have ended up in the wine industry where, ch-ch-changing places, they now teach me as I once taught them.

I plan to take advantage of my new flexibility to travel and speak during parts of the year when classes would have previously kept me close to home. The first big trip is to talk at Savour Australia 2013 in September. There are plans to return to South Africa in 2014 and then … who knows? Any suggestions?


Thanks to everyone who sent me congratulatory cards and notes. Sue and I appreciate your good wishes and look forward to seeing you along the wine road soon!

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  1. Congratulations on your new direction. Sounds exciting and full of opportunity. Just keep writing your blog, as I enjoy reading it.

  2. Hi!

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  3. Gearing up for travels on another wine road… sounds good to me. Bonne continuation, Mike.

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