Wine Economist World Tour Update: Valladolid, Spain and Paphos, Cyprus


The “Wine Economist World Tour” is on the road again and I thought you might want to know about the upcoming stops.

FEV General Assembly / Valladolid, Spain

Sue and I will be in historic Valladolid, Spain on the 28th of March. I’m giving a keynote address on the dynamics of the global wine market and how they apply to Spain at  the Federación Española Del Vino General Assembly.

I am honored to be invited to address this important group and am looking forward to meeting everyone and learning more about Spain and its wines during our visit. Sue and I have immersed ourselves in Spanish wine research, revisiting old friends and seeing what is new on the market here. Can’t wait to continue this work in Spain!

Cyprus Wine Competition / Paphos, Cyprus

We will attend the 10th Cyprus Wine Competition in Paphos, Cyprus on May 2-6. I will give a seminar on “Secrets of the World’s Most Respected Wine Regions” with lessons that might be useful to the Cyprus wine industry.

Many people think of Cyprus as a great place for a sunny holiday — and it is — but it has a rich culture, an amazing wine history, and a bright wine future, too. Its distinctive dessert wine, Commandaria, was once one of the most prized wines in the world. It just might be the particular wine with the longest history of continuous production.

Cyprus today is making the transition from an industry dominated by  bulk wine exports to a focus on high quality bottled wine and we will be interested to learn more about the industry, meet the wine industry leaders, and taste the progress they have made.


There are several more World Tour stops on the horizon, including Napa Valley, Romania, Colorado, and I few more I can’t talk about yet. Watch this space for details.

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  1. please let me know when you will be making your Romanian trip – I live half of the year there and the other half in Bulgaria and sample the wines of both countries. The Bulgarian wines are better documented and they have had a huge November wine fair in Sofia for at least 5 years (exclusively for Bulgarian wines – 70 vineyards each exhibiting about 10 varieties). I give some details in these posts (hopefully you can access)

    Despite is larger size, Romania does not seem quite so developed (it had only a dozen or so vineyards exhibiting at a Bucharest fair in November) although, from some wine tastings, I sense that the last couple of years has seen a marked improvement in the quality of their new releases see the posts at

    No fewer than 4 small wine bars have opened in the last 6 months in Sofia – and one of them has taken to stocking excellent Macedonian wine and tells me that that small country has no fewer than 29 “appellation” brands…

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