What to Read in 2011? Wine Wars, of course!

I guess I have to file this under “Shameless Self Promotion.”

Jeff Lefevre over at The Good Grape: A Wine Manifesto has just published a list of wine books that are scheduled to appear in 2011.  It’s a good list with lots of interesting forthcoming volumes in several categories.

His short list of the four books he’s most eager to read includes (here’s the shameless part) my book Wine Wars, which is scheduled for mid-June 2011 release. Why Wine Wars? Here’s what Jeff says.

Why? Besides the pithy title? This book by a scholarly publisher is destined to miss most wine enthusiast’s radar unless the publicity machines cranks up, but I’m a sucker for a writer that can take commonly known events and put them into fresh context and I have faith in Veseth, the author of a number of other books where he takes broad current events and puts them through a fresh lens of view.  Veseth’s book promises to answer the question of, “How globalization and market forces are changing the way wine is made, sold, consumed, and perceived.” Good enough for me to go on … Veseth currently blogs at The Wine Economist.

Click here to read the full post. I’m honored to be included on The Good Grape list and I hope Wine Wars justifies Jeff’s faith in me!

(I would point out that Wine Wars is available for pre-order from all the “usual suspect” Internet booksellers, but that would be too shameless even for me!)

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