At Last: Wine Wars for Kindle

I know that some of you have been waiting patiently (and some not-so-patiently) for July 16, 2011 — the day that releases Wine Wars in its proprietary Kindle e-book format (and the Nook and other electronic formats are released, too).

Well, you can stop waiting and start reading: today’s the big day. I’d love to hear what Kindle readers (and e-book readers generally) have to say about Wine Wars. And don’t forget to leave a review on the site if you like it!

E-books are hot and I think it’s possible that more people will read Wine Wars on e-books than in the hardback version. One problem: how do I autograph an e-book? (Using a Sharpie on the screen seems like a bad idea.) Let me know if you have a solution!

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  1. I live in PA and the PA Liquor Control Board is the largest wine buyer in the United States. Yet I couldn’t get a bottle of Eroica wine at any price. Fortunately NJ & DE are close by. In response to the comment about your new book, which I just bought as a Kindle edition and haven’t read yet, concerning wine flight recommendations, note that as a West Coast based writer, you should spend a month or so on the East Coast and you’d fully understand what “limited choice” really means.

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