Illusive Progress in Wine Advertising?

A lot of money, talent, and technology goes into advertising today, but is the product really better than in the past? For your consideration (and winter holiday fun) we present three television wine commercials from past and present. All feature celebrities along with increasing levels of money and technology. The wine gets better as we move along,  but does the quality of the message? What do you think? Cheers!

Thunderbird: Not quite like anything I’ve ever tasted

Paul Masson Chenin Blanc: Yummy

Legendary wine (and acting)

I know, I know, you were hoping for one of those famous Orson Welles commercials for Paul Masson. Well, you can find them and more on Click on this link for a selection.

4 responses

  1. Love the Thunderbird commercial!!

    Though, the last commercial is weird. Why associate a wine with famous footballers? I mean, I know they are stars… but the commercial makes little sense to me… a flaming wine flies onto a football pitch as the new devil in town? And that is supposed to make someone buy the brand? Hmm.

    Thanks for sharing, Mike!

  2. Why don’t box wine producers advertise their products? Is it because their box wines are only a small component of their bottled wine labels? Maybe they’re selling so well they don’t need to advertise. Jerry Griffith

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