Money, Taste & Wine: Best of the Best Wine Writing 1995-2020

gourmand-best-25years-1995-2020Gourmand International has been spotlighting the best food and wine books and writing for 25 years and for this year’s big fair in Paris they are recognizing what they consider the “best of the best” of the last quarter-century.

9781442234635I am happy to announce that my book Money, Taste, and Wine: It’s Complicated! has been shortlisted for the 25th anniversary best wine writing award (it previously won the 2016 best wine writing prize). Here is a quick summary of the book in case you haven’t read it yet.

As wine economist and best-selling author Mike Veseth peels away layer after layer of the money-taste-wine story he discovers the wine buyer’s biggest mistake (which is to confuse money and taste) and learns how to avoid it, sips and swirls dump bucket wines, Treasure Island wines and toasts anything but Champagne. He bulks up with big bag, big box wines and realizes that sometimes the best wine is really a beer.

Along the way he questions wine’s identity crisis, looks down his nose at wine snobs and cheese bores, follows the money, surveys the restaurant war battleground and imagines wines that even money cannot buy before concluding that money, taste and wine might have a complicated relationship but sometimes they have the power to change the world. Money, Taste & Wine will surprise, inform, inspire and delight anyone with an interest in wine – or complicated relationships!

I admit that it warms my heart to be on a short list with authors like Steven Spurrier (see below).  And the nominees in the other categories (full pdf list here) read like Who’s Who of wine wriiting.


Very exciting. Big thanks to Gourmand International and everyone who helped make Money, Taste, and Wine such a success.

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  1. Hello Mike

    I’ve bene quite a long time subscriber to your news. I like it. Thank you.

    I want to catch up specifically about Macedoniaw here I have started working with a very good winery called Imako Vino.

    I am wondering what you know about these guys?

    Cheers Alex.

  2. That´s great news Mike and I am sure well deserved, While I haven´t read your book ( yet) I will set out to do so prior to your arrival to Chile. All the best,
    Patricia Duane , Managing Partner, Brandaboutwine

    • Thanks, Patricia. Of my four wine books, the first (Wine Wars) has been the most influential and the most recent (Around the World in 80 Wines) the most popular. I’ve never been sure what the Gourmand judges like best about MTW — the more conventional beginning, the experimental sections later on, or the almost magical conclusion.

  3. Mike, congratulations!

    Btw, I didn’t make it to the Unified show. I am working as a bartender most days and could not get away – economist bartender 🙂 until the tasting room picks up and have all the IT and inventory system sorted out.

    Ayele Solomon, Proprietor/Winemaker

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  4. Keeping a technical subject interesting and entertaining is harder work than digging ditches by hand. You continually put in more effort than most people would consider possible, let alone necessary. You deserve it.

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